Solar Online UPS is here to protect your critical and sensitive equipment from electrical disturbances that may jeopardize their operation. This state of the art UPS is the ideal solution to the erratic power conditions that are present in India. Solar Online UPS is designed with dual conversion technology through with AC to CA conversion as well as DC to AC conversion takes place at the same time to ensure seamless operation of sensitive appliances.

Salient Features

  • Remote monitoring to monitor the status and performance of your device.
  • Perfect for sensitive equipment like computers, servers, medical equipment, and petrol pumps etc.
  • Zero change over time.
  • Compatible with generator sets.
  • 6 Stage charging for longer battery life.
  • Intelligent Charge Sharing With Solar.


Intelligent Charge Sharing System

The Solar Online UPS is designed to give priority to solar power thus reducing your electricity bills. Through you can connect your Solar Online UPS to a solar charge controller of any make.

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High Total Efficiency

High reliability & efficiency with low auxiliary consumption of rapid return on investment. MPPT efficiency > 99.99%; Maximum efficiency > 97.5%

PV Compatibility

Grid Tie Inverter is designed to take advantage of solar modules configured as high voltage PV string arrays with an input voltage Maximum Power Point Range of 90V to 250 VDC.

Advanced Grid Support Functionality

Extensive grid code compatibility and adjustability.

Compact State of the Art design

Transformer less design, requires less space, fast & easy installation and serviceability resulting in reduced overall cost.

Communication Interface & Monitoring Software

Provides operational status & electricity generated data via in-built GSM.

Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)

Provides easy-to-read system status & daily cumulative energy production information.

Robust Enclosure with IP65 rating

Suitable for outdoor installation.

Life Cycle Service & Support

Rapid support anywhere through our extensive service network.

Proven Technology Platform

High reliability and long operating life for secured return on investment.


Multiple Grid Tie Inverter may be networked together for increased net metering capacity or future system growth. Parallel 50 up to via RS485 port or without.

Minimum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)

Grid Tie Inverters use MPPT Technology to harvest the maximum amount of energy from the solar array. They provide single & double MPP Tracker for different application demand.


  • Anti-Islanding
  • Fault Current Monitoring Unit
  • Ground Fault Monitoring
  • Environmental Protection – IP65
  • AC Short Circuit Protection

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