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ATUM - The Smartest Roof in India.

The only Electric Roof in INDIA. A roof built with innovative technology that benefits your pocket and the environment.

What is a Traditional or Conventional Solar set up?

  • Conventional standard solar modules take about 100 Sq. ft for 1 kW (Very little optimization because of walkways)
  • GI shed replacement happens every 10 years due to corrosion over time (Not a leak proof solution)
  • Prone to damage during high wind speeds; Not a fire-resistant solution

How is ATUM different?

In simple terms ATUM is ROOF + SOLAR integrated in a single product with very important attributes that are not available in traditional solar panels such as

  • Protection from Fire

ATUM is Fire Resistant

  • Protection from Wind

ATUM can withstand wind speeds upto 200 kmph

  • Protection from Rain

ATUM is a leak proof application

  • Protection from Weather

ATUM has a life of 45-50 years

  • More Power in same space


ATUM offers min. 20% more installed capacity

How does ATUM give 40% more?

Solar cells are integrated in a fiber cement board. You can walk over the panels without causing internal cracks.

Standard Design for conventional

Edge clearance of 1 meter from each side & with walkway
No of modules – 460 Nos (ref)

Optimized Design for conventional

Edge clearance of 1 meter from each side & without walkway
No of modules – 500 Nos (8.70%)

ATUM Design

(No walkway & no edge clearance)
No of modules – 648 Nos (40%)

  • Conventional standard design is to keep 1 meter clearance from all the edges and walkways after suitable intervals, which reduces plant capacity, but ATUM since it is edge to edge gives you up to 40% more capacity.
  • Conventional 1kWp SPV needs 100 sq.ft area where as ATUM needs 66.5 Sq.ft only.
  • Leak proof roof for lifetime of 45-50 years, where GI shed need replacement typically after ~10 years.


Module Details

Type of cells : Poly-Crystalline cells
Total Cells : 72 Cell Module
Module Wattage : 320 – 330 Wp


L x B x H : 1980 x 1010 x 14 mm
Weight : 22.5 Kg / Sq. m
Frame type : Frameless

System Design

Temp. range : –40˚C to +85˚C
Hail : Max. dia. of 25mm with 23m/s impact speed
Max Capacity : Snow 5400 Pa, Wind 2400 Pa

Certifications & Warranty.


  • ATUM is BIS Certified
  • ATUM is certified PID free
  • ATUM is certified by Lean Maestro for winds speed of 200 kmph
  • ATUM is leak proof tested by JNTU
  • ATUM has class A fire rating
  • ATUM is UL Certified


  • ATUM offers a product warranty of 10 years
  • ATUM offers performance warranty for 25 years

Pricing Comparison

  • The price of ATUM is equivalent to the cost of [Roof + Solar in the Conventional solar system]
  • At the same price the client benefits by attributes that aren’t available in conventional solar system such as :
  • Leak proof application
  • Fire Resistant product
  • A product to withstand cyclonic winds
  • A product with a life of 45-50 years


Miryalaguda 300 kW
Miryalaguda 300 kW
Jagatiyal 200 kW
Jagatiyal 200 kW
Chennai 215 kW
Chennai 215 kW
Hyderabad 110 kW
Hyderabad 110 kW
Chennai 215 kW
Chennai 215 kW
Jhajjar 110 kW
Jhajjar 110 kW
Jagatiyal 200 kW
Jagatiyal 200 kW
Jhajjar 110 kW
Jhajjar 110 kW

Product Information courtesy: www.atum.in

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